Two months in company update and finding Product/market fit

February and March at Khabin were both challenging and rewarding at the same time. February was all about adjusting. Worked as much as I did in December. Alternatively of working from 5 am — 8 am, 5 pm to 8 pm, and weekends to just a little every day. Spent about a week trying to break the mindset of having a full-time job. Hyper aware of old recurring meeting times thinking about checking email and slack.

I’m partial to both parties in the battle against ad tracking. This business model is becoming harder to run. Apple would prefer every app had in-app purchases or a subscription. Khabin News doesn’t fit that model. I’m also not up for showing my users a tracking popup in a trade-off to make ads more viable.

My app doesn’t need to track you. Google does in my case to better target ads. Better targeting ads means more revenue for both me and Google. In reality, I’m not going to click “Allow” in any app that pops this up. Why would I show my users this?

With the battle between Apple and Google / Facebook, I decided to make another bet on an idea that’s not in someone’s else garden. Ideally a SaaS product. After talking with other founders I had the realization of how I could use my time to commit to a larger project. The goal was to always build more projects like Khabin News. But, this time I wanted to bigger. A project that would need my full-time attention. I started with a list of ideas started talking to people and exploring communities where potential customers would hang out.


Visitorkit — a web analytics tool for marketing became the clear choice. Visitorkit breaks the mold of traditional web analytics services by focusing on conversion tracking and marketing campaign monitoring.

Recently, and in my past, I’ve spent time working with clients to build a solution to track marketing campaigns. It’s doable if you use only one marketing channel. If you use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and email marketing. Conversion tracking across networks is bothersome. I turned the custom solution I created for Khabin News into a product.

Out-of-box Visitorkit also automatically analyzes traffic from all social media networks and search engines. You can quickly see if your social media efforts are generating leads, sales, downloads, email sign-ups, and other key actions for your business.

In March I built landing pages and surveys to look for that product/market fit before building an MVP. 134 people filled out the survey. I wasn’t expected that response. I ended up creating a Starbucks business account to generate mass Gift cards. It was worth it. I learned about marketing patterns and ask questions about what I was planning to build without trying to directly sell it.

Some of the questions

  • How often do you review campaigns?
  • Do you track conversions / goals?
  • What challenges have you encountered trying to track marketing success?
  • Are you satisfied with the reporting?
  • What’s missing from the reporting?
  • Do you have a custom reporting solution?
  • Would you be interested in a tool to help you track and provide reporting for online marketing conversions?

As I write this blog post I strongly believe I have found that Product/market fit. 6 websites using the product and 123 invited to join the now public beta.

Talk to Customers -> Improve product -> Repeat.

Feeling good about the place I’m at. Lots of work done and it’s been very challenging to build and market something at the scale of Visitorkit. Every day is exciting and I feel like I should be doing exactly what I’m doing. Khabin News also has growth ahead while building a good test case for Visitorkit.

Because I don’t have enough already (sarcasm). I’m starting a VLOG

Former Technology Media Executive building products solo. Founder of Khabin LLC. Building Khabin News & Visitorkit.